Ethics & Compliance

Ethics & Compliance
Ethics & Compliance

MSC Cruises Code of Ethical Business Conduct

As an international cruise line company, MSC Cruises earns its reputation and trust everyday by providing unparalleled services to its guests and by conducting business fairly and ethically.

Our reputation for trust and integrity relies also upon every action by every employee every day and in order to ensure this is embraced across the organization, we have a comprehensive Code of Ethical Business Conduct in place.

Fostering an Ethical Business Culture

The MSC Cruises’ Code of Ethical Business Conduct is a guideline to help all employees run their part of the business ethically, both ashore as well as on our ships, and aims at ensuring that business practices comply with applicable laws, regulations and ethical business principles, as well as upholding a culture of integrity. While our Code sets forth a common standard of approved behaviour, regardless of the location of the employee, these standards are a complement to applicable laws and regulations in many countries where MSC Cruises operates and often exceed local or international standards. All our onshore or shipboard employees are required to adhere to the Code. We are committed to making sure the Code is respected and followed across the organization. To this end, the Code is part of employee’s induction and ongoing training programme. In order to empower our employees to embrace the principles set out in the Code, we have also put effective mechanisms in place to report misconduct or non-compliance. Employees must report misconduct and can do so anonymously or while disclosing their identity. There will be no actions against any employee making a report in good faith and MSC Cruises takes alleged violations very seriously. 

Code of Ethical Business Conduct.

Our 9 areas of focus

Our 9 areas of focus

While our Code of Ethical Business Conduct provides a meaningful starting point, it may not answer all questions, or ensure compliance with the various legal requirements applicable to its business and environment. Therefore, we have defined 9 critical areas where we aim to heighten sensitivity among all staff and install a strong culture of ethics and compliance. Our areas of focus include:
1. Respect for the environment
2. Human rights and labour standards
3. Anti-bribery
4. Conflict of interest
5. Sanctions regulations
6. Anti-money laundering
7. Fair competition
8. Accuracy and maintenance of business and financial records
9. Data privacy and protection
Employees are aware that any failure to comply with the Code may lead to disciplinary actions up to and including termination of employment or any other contract in accordance to the disciplinary rules applicable by MSC Cruises, as well as possible civil or criminal penalties.  

Our ethical commitment

Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement

Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement

MSC Cruises is committed to the principles of modern corporate governance and aims to ensure it is in compliance with its regulatory obligations. We are proud to implement professional and responsible management of the highest standards.

Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement 2018

Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement 2017