Collaboration with local authorities, community groups and partners, such as the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), to share information and integrate policies and strategies helps support responsible tourism management. Together, we promote responsible travel  and deliver greater social and economic outcomes for communities.


Economic Impact

We continue to invest millions of Euros in new sustainable terminal facilities, and work has progressed on several of these: 

  • The Durban Cruise Terminal in South Africa became operational in December 2021
  • Construction of the new MSC Cruises Terminal in Miami began in the summer of 2021
  • A new MSC Cruises Terminal in Barcelona is due to be operational in 2024.

Responsible Excursions: MSC Protectours

Our shore excursions team has worked with tour operators to identify excursions founded on strong sustainability principles. Known as ‘Protectours’, these excursions are specifically designed to educate our guests and promote responsible tourism and responsible travel. Many of these tours include low impact transportation, including walking, cycling or kayaking, and many make a direct contribution to the environment through supporting species or habitat protection.

Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve

We transformed MSC Ocean Cay Marine Reserve from an abandoned industrial facility to a pristine destination, creating a remote, natural desert island. Despite the challenges, the benefits of our environmentally sensitive development became apparent, as the biodiversity increased in both the water, on land and in the air.


Our sustainability programme is organized around four key pillars: Planet, People, Place and Procurement.

Browse our Sustainability reports and find out what we do to achieve sustainable cruising.

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