Book a 7-night cruise onboard MSC GRANDIOSA

Enjoy an MSC Cruise on board MSC Grandiosa, the most recent addition to our fleet. MSC Grandiosa offers an unforgettable seven-night cruise in the Western Mediterranean calling in the Italian ports of Genoa, Civitavecchia (Rome), Naples, Palermo and Malta (La Valletta).
To discover the most sought-after destinations at an advantageous rate, a selection of 3 excursions* is available for €100. To select this excursions package, make sure that you choose the “Welcome Back With Excursions” fare when booking your cruise.

Throughout your cruise experience, your health and safety are our utmost priority in order to ensure that you can continue sharing your love for cruising and the sea with true peace of mind***. Before your cruise, you can also add a COVID Protection Plan** (CPP) for only €18 per passenger per cruise to enjoy your cruise in complete serenity. Infants between 0-1 years will be covered by the insurance at no additional cost.
To book just call your local MSC Call Centre or visit your travel agent.

* In order to guarantee the highest standards of health and safety ashore as well as on board, guests wishing to go ashore will only be able to do so by participating in one of our MSC Shore Excursions. Guests will also be able to book additional tours on board. We will offer to passengers who had their cruise departing from Aug. 16th until Oct. 31st cancelled or who have received a voucher due to the cancellations, up to 3 complimentary shore excursions depending on the cabin category booked on the new MSC Grandiosa, find out more here. 
Do you have a Future Cruise Credit Voucher? Sail on board MSC Grandiosa and receive up to 3 complimentary shore excursions. Click here
** To ensure your peace of mind as you look forward to your next holiday, MSC Cruises requires all guests to have an insurance policy that covers any COVID-19 related risks, including cancellation, repatriation and medical expenses. You can choose our Covid Protection Plan or liaise with any insurance company of your choice.

*** Special Terms & Conditions apply to MSC Grandiosa departures. Please click here to read full detail