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The Aspire Tower
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A Futuristic Capital with an awesome skyline

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A Futuristic Capital with an awesome skyline

A journey to Qatar becomes special on an MSC Cruise.

A cruise to Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Qatar will introduce you to Doha, the country's futuristic capital on the Gulf. A city with an awesome skyline with new super modern skyscrapers.  

The Aspire Tower in Doha (300 meters) dominates the skylines. It is the highest building of the country, whose shape is akin to a torch. This building is located near the city of sport, which has already hosted events such as the XII Pan Arab games. Much of Doha, including places of worship such as the new mosque in the Qatar Faculty of Islamic studies, seems to be already in the future. Don't miss a visit to the Pearl, a futuristic artificial circular port which is being developed to the north of the city centre, and yet, as you will notice on your MSC excursion, the ancient heart of the city still beats strong. 

In the historical centre of Doha you will find a Suq where everything – from camels to gold – can be exchanged, and the Al Khoot fortress, dating back to the end of the nineteenth century and now converted into a museum. During your cruise to Doha with MSC Cruises, some excursions will lead you on the discovery of the north of the country and the history of this fascinating Emirate. In Ash Shamal the Al-Zubara fortress rises up from the middle of the desert and dates back to the thirties. The building, which at first sight seems an enormous sand castle, has been completely restored and transformed into a museum. Near the fortress you can also visit the archaeological remains of another, even older, defensive structure, Qal’ at Murair. Also you will find Zubara, a village of traders and pearl divers, a settlement which dates back to the nineteenth century, and later abandoned.

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    Port of Doha

    This section contains information on how to reach the port.

    Cruise Terminal:

    Grand Cruise Terminal - Doha Port
    Corniche Road - Mina District
    Doha - Qatar

    Reach the port by

    • Car

      Grand Cruise Terminal - Doha Port
      Corniche Road - Mina District
      Doha - Qatar


    A desert surprise
    A desert surprise

    A journey to Qatar on an MSC ship is the best way to get to this small, semi-desert country that extends into the turquoise waters of the Gulf.

    Much of Qatar’s territory is barren and covered in sand, with the country's population concentrated on the eastern coast of the emirate, where its ultra-technological capital, Doha, is situated. 

    During MSC Cruises excursions, you will learn about the importance of this city. It becomes obvious when you consider that Doha accommodates at least a quarter of the country's population. 

    Once famous for the pearls that were harvested in its sea, in the 20th century, Qatar has benefitted from the revenues of its oil resources, which the country used to transform Doha into one of the most modern and safe capitals of the Arabian Peninsula

    In recent years, the government of Qatar has also aimed to catch the attention of the world through sport, becoming the site for international athletics and football events. This policy did not spare the desert: you can “ski” even along the dunes around Khor al-Adaid, the Qatar’s inland sea located in the southern part of the country, near the Saudi Arabian border.