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Charming old town 

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Start planning your cruise and book your excursions in Genoa and Portofino

The port city of Genoa, an MSC Mediterranean Cruises destination, is the gateway to Italy’s glamorous riviera. Wander down its winding medieval alleyways, take in historical, Piazza Matteotti, and admire a magnificent cluster of 16th and 17th-century buildings. Genoa’s heritage as a naval power is evident in La Lanterna, a historical lighthouse built in 1543. Beyond the city, romantic towns can be found nestled along the coastline, including the gelati-coloured Portofino.

MSC Cruises excursions offer plenty of exciting things to see including:
• Portofino
• Collection of ornate buildings 
• Charming old town 
Delight in an MSC Cruises excursion to picturesque Portfino, a famous fishing village on the Italian Riviera. Starting at Santa Margherita Ligure, you’ll take a short and leisurely boat cruise to Portfino’s shoreline where you’ll admire spectacular sea views and a glamorous yacht-filled harbour. Surrounded by verdant hills, Portofino is a fashionable playground for A-list celebrities and international VIPs. Stroll along the harbour, admire the gelato-hued houses, or enjoy a drink in a waterfront café.
Genoa makes for an unforgettable experience, and there is no better way to explore it than on a MSC Cruises Excursion. Wander the charming narrow streets of the old town known as 'carruggi' to reach the imposing Piazza de Ferrari area with the Palazzo Ducale. Discover the rich history of Genoa's aristocracy showcased in the elegant district of Via Garibaldi dating back to the Renaissance era with resplendent edifices that are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as Palazzo Bianco or Palazzo Rosso with remarkable art collections inside. On your way back to the port, don’t miss the opportunity to admire the 16th-century Palazzo del Principe, the superb Admiral Andrea Doria’s residence.
The old town of Genoa is an ideal MSC Excursion if you are looking to explore the city on foot. This pleasant walk through Genoa’s historic town center will take you around the city that once was a major commercial hub for all overseas traders. After a stroll through the carruggi, reach the main square named Piazza de Ferrari and marvel at Palazzo Ducale. Take a little break and taste some local Ligurian cuisine such as focaccia and bruschetta at the “Cisterne del Ducale”. Before returning to the ship, the tour also includes an external tour of the Cathedral of San Lorenzo

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    Port of Genoa

    See all the information you need on getting to the port of Genoa and parking.

    Cruise Terminal:

    Ponte dei Mille/Ponte Andrea Doria

    Reach the port by

    • Car

      From the A10 (Autostrada dei Fiori), A7 (Milan-Genoa) and A26 (Alessandria-Genoa) motorways, take the Genoa Ovest exit. 
      Then follow the signs marked Genoa Port.

      Parking Information


      GENOA - VALET Parking

      Tel. +39 010 24 62 613

      • Guests are invited to reach Ponte dei Mille or Ponte Doria where a valet service is available
      • MSC Parking is bookable online up to 48 hours before your cruise departure. Bookings after the 48 hour deadline can be made directly with MSC Parking, and the same reduced rates will be applied when presenting your cruise travel documents
      Book your parking with MSC


      Car/Suv 3 € 50
      Van 3 € 60
      Car/Suv 4 € 60
      Van 4 € 80
      Car/Suv 5 € 72
      Van 5 € 95
      Car/Suv 6 € 80
      Van 6 € 110
      Car/Suv 7 € 85
      Van 7 € 115
      Car / Suv 8 € 90
      Van 8 € 120
      Car / Suv 9 € 100
      Van 9 € 135
      Car / Suv 10 € 110
      Van 10 € 150
      Car / Suv 11 € 120
      Van 11 € 165
      Car / Suv 12 € 130
      Van 12 € 180
      Car / Suv 13 € 140
      Van 13 € 195

      Rates starting from 1st April


       Car/Suv  4  € 50
       Van  4  € 60
       Car/Suv  5  € 60
       Van  5  € 75
       Car/Suv  6  € 72
       Van  6  € 90
      Car/Suv  7 € 80
      Van  7 € 105
      Car/Suv 8 € 100
      Van 8 € 120
      Car/Suv 9 € 110
      Van 9 € 135
      Car/Suv 10 € 120
      Van 10 € 150
      Car/Suv 11 € 130
      Van 11 € 165
      Car/Suv 12 € 140
      Van 12 € 180
      Car/Suv 13  € 150
      Van 13  € 195
    • Train

      Genoa Piazza Principe station is about 1 kilometre from the Port. 
      You can reach the Port by taxi (2 minutes depending on traffic).
      Genoa Brignole railway station is about 4 km from the Port and you can reach it by bus or taxi.
    • Plane

      Cristoforo Colombo airport is about 10 kilometres from the Port.
      It is served by taxi and by bus.
      The bus will take you straight to Genova Porta Principe railway station.

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