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Where the Hills Meet the Sea

Nova Scotia: one of the most spectacular wild landscapes on the Canadian Atlantic coast with its vast green areas is a true paradise for nature lovers who can admire moose, eagles, and go whale watching to see the numerous types of cetaceans that live in the surrounding seas, including whales and dolphins.
Your MSC cruise will take you on the discovery of this beautiful Canadian province, which is also home to some of the oldest cities in North America, such as Sydney.
Located on a fjord of Spanish Bay, Sydney is the largest urban center on the island of Cape Breton, with a past linked to the mining industry. The tourist attractions of the city are mainly related to its cultural heritage from Scotland: its population, in fact, is a diverse mix of nationalities that put on various Canadian cultural events of Scottish or Eastern European origin taking place throughout the year.
On your MSC cruise, you can see the world's largest violin for yourself (called the Spirit of the Fiddle), one of Sydney's major attractions, located right on its shoreline. You can also visit the heart of the island of Cape Breton which contains historical jewels such as the Fortress of Louisbourg, the Glace Bay Miners Museum and the town of Baddeck, located on the shores of Lake Bras d'Or, which houses the Alexander Graham Bell Museum.
The northern part of Cape Breton is dedicated to more adventurous visitors via the infamous Cabot Trail: a scenic roadway of almost 360 km, named in honor of explorer John Cabot, the first European to set foot on the island. The route crosses the Cape Breton Highlands National Park, a majestic park where the mountains meet the sea boasting broad-leaved forests, plateaus and a rugged but wonderful coast.

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    Raw Beauty and Unexpected Landscapes
    Raw Beauty and Unexpected Landscapes

    Canada is an incredibly diverse country, from historic cities of the east, to the plains and jaw-dropping mountains of the west and the Arctic wilderness of the north.

    Atlantic Canada – especially Newfoundland – is a land apart, with a distinct culture, stunning scenery and invariably plenty roads. An MSC cruise will take you to Halifax, the hip capital of Nova Scotia that offers great museums, hundreds of pubs and the best live music in the east, to the Prince Edward Island, the bucolic country of Anne of Green Gables, and to Newfoundland’s boisterous capital, St John’s, where you can whale-watch or picnic at a lighthouse.

    During an MSC cruise you can enjoy the long, jagged coastline punctured by picturesque bays, sandy beaches, towering cliffs of the Maritime Provinces and the natural and historic charms of Newfoundland. The Atlantic Ocean was crucial to the development of this part of Canada, not only in bringing waves of settlers but also accounting for its greatest industries: shipbuilding and fishing. Spread over the promontory Cap Diamant and the banks of the St Lawrence River, Québec City is instead one of Canada’s most beautifully located cities and certainly its most historic one.