Satellite Internet Access

Stay connected with your online world

Stay connected with your online world

Share your special moments with friends and family while you cruise and tell everyone what a great time you're having, thanks to the powerful new Satellite Internet Access system installed across our fleet. 

Internet access is available via your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. You can also use the facilties of the on board internet cafe, on selected ships, with its full size screens and keyboards, complemented by high quality printers. Both services are accessible 24 hours a day almost everywhere on board* (including all public areas)

Customize your cruise with your preferred Internet Packages and book now to take advantage of a 20% savings. 

*The service is subject to rates displayed on board. Internet performance on board the Ship relies on satellite links and therefore may at times be significantly lower. 

MSC Cruises Internet Packages

Internet Packages Offered On board
Stay relaxed and at ease on board knowing you are just a click away from staying in contact with home, checking emails, posting on social media and surfing the web - thanks to our improved service, we now offer a better internet experience. Two separate options are available pre-cruise - Standard internet and Premium Internet - to ensure you get a WiFi package that meets your needs. Book now and save 20% vs on board prices. 
  • Premium Internet Package - Save 20% when you book now
Perfect for heavy users or families, this package lets you connect up to 4 devices and permits full web browsing, access to most popular social networks and chat Apps as well as email checks.
USD 86.5 per cruise for 4 GB on 4 devices*
  • Standard Internet Package - Save 20% when you book now 
Ideal for limited internet usage, the "Standard Internet" package lets you access all social networks and chat Apps, check email and browse the web.
USD 57.5 per cruise for 2 GB on 2 devices*
*Above prices are for 5-7 night cruises. Internet packages prices vary depending on the length of the cruise, the ship, the destination and sailing date. Prices are also subject to changes. Specific pricing will be displayed on board of your cruise. Save 20% by booking your package in advance. Kindly check the exact internet package price that matches your cruise with your travel agent or contact our MSC office for more info.